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The selected highlights in the email sent from Orca100 (real name unidentified) to John Podesta - Hillary Clinton's Campaign Chairman - include

-          Non-western immigrants can be split into two camps: (1) Hindus/ Sikhs and Chinese (2) Black, Muslims and “Gypsies”. The former assimilate peacefully whilst the latter is typically an assimilation nightmare full of violence and crime

-          Muslim immigration into Germany has already caused untold misery and this is only the start of the issue. Far worse problems will be faced in the future due to demographics

-          Muslim immigrant children are the majority repeat offenders and even young children target hard working individuals, since they are vulnerable targets

-          Although German Society is defenseless to the imported crime and violence, the police and criminal system have been utterly useless. Firing those that speak out about the immigrant issue, despite many large immigrant areas becoming no go zones for the police and public, and the police being targeted by the immigrants

-          Whites are fleeing West Berlin to escape immigrant violence. Frequently Arabs and Turks severely beat up white youngsters, and film it on their phones to show to their friends

-          Anti-white racism is rife towards native Germans from all immigrants (including women)

-          Young Muslim men target white German girls as sex slaves

-          The Working class of Germany are “red-pilled” to the immigrant issue and all its consequences. Only the liberals and the elites are living in their disgusting dreamland devoid of any reality. Referred to mockingly – as Multikultis – because they believe in multiculturalism like a cult: devoid of fact and reality 

-          Immigrants mostly survive and live on welfare

-          Immigrant children do not culturally assimilate and are unable to speak the German language. Technically, they are inadmissible to elementary school.

-          The majority of the immigrant children within school are unteachable

-          Ironically, ordinary Germans pick up the cheque for this immigrant issue (obscene violence and intimidation; abusing welfare; can’t speak the language in school; anti-white racism; no-go zones) that most do not agree with. Some immigrants – the untouchable Kurdish-Lebanese Miri clan – have been given impunity to commit violence and crime.

-          The Turkish PM Erdogan has been talking to the Turkish speaking citizens in Germany as if they were under his leadership and the areas they inhabit were an extension of Turkey itself

-          The demographic issue of Germany is bleak. If it follows the trends set by France, then in 50 years it will become a predominantly Muslim nation

-          Demographically, the ever-growing Muslim presence will make itself known in Europe very soon.

- In Germany, speaking out against immigrant and the Multikultist is extremely damaging: leading to suicide (debatable?), loss of employment and permanent security protection

-  The media are peddling this Mutlikultist bullshit narrative incessantly despite the overwhelming evidence reality puts in front of their face every day.

-  The politicians also continually spout the Multikultist bullshit despite the crushing facts of life

- The PC brigade uses the figure of Hitler and his exploits to silence any discussion on the immigration issue.

Please read the rest of the text for a more comprehensive and detailed view of the current state of Germany, its immigration issue, and the Multikultists. Including such highlights where the author calls the failed experiment of multiculturalism, the human variant of mad cow disease 


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