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The meaning of Trump's election

The meaning of Trump's election

Why the election was important?

The 2016 American election wasn’t just an election. It wasn’t an election over policy or whether America should move left or right economically or culturally in the nominal usage of those terms, it was indisputably more than that. It was the game of election raised to its ultimate stake – survival. Lose, and whites would be flooded with more coloureds through immigration and amnesty than they could handle; there would have been amnesty for over 30 million plus illegals and the borders would be open to any and every r-selected refuse south of the hemisphere. America’s racial demographic would change overnight, turning the white consistency brown quicker than faeces in water. The average IQ would drop remarkedly and the third world population would bring their biology and their social problems with it - crime would escalate, welfare dependency would escalate and the dispossession of whites would escalate. Racial survival, not policy, was at stake, and whites were instinctively voting for their lives.

Both sides knew that the election of the coloureds (Democrats) over the whites (Trumpian Republicans) would condemn whites irrevocably in America, signalling the acceleration of their racial and in-group demise. La Raza, Black Lives Matter and ISIS, all enemies of white America (politicization indicative of strengthening ethnic numbers – Arab, Latino and Black), boast about their productive fertility leading to the demographic demise of whites - their birth rates rocketing while white fertility is declining. With the changing demographics of America, if whites lost this election it would be nearly impossible for whites to hold the political office again against the multi-ethnic coalition.

This racial war will not be fought with guns, but with wombs. Every minority child born in excess of white fertility represents a territorial advancement. America would be fragmented more than it already is. It would cease to be a nation. The white centre cannot hold. America would break-up, it would come apart - it already is. Amnesty costing white America and the taxpayers $72 trillion (Richwine) in the process of their dispossession. This is the ‘fruits of diversity’ taken to their extreme and logical conclusion. That this can even be a political option is startling and outrageous but very telling, but that’s because It’s also the logical conclusion of globalism: The ruling elite of America willing to bankrupt America to be Mexico, while they get fat and rich while the sphere of their power and domination increases. The ruling elite of America are actively lobbying, designing and implementing America’s demise, like parasites sucking a living organism dry. Make no mistake, the enemies of America are inside the gates, a Trojan horse rotting the organism from within. The swamp that needs to be drained.

Victory for the Democrats, then, was nearly at hand – win, and they would never lose an election again. Demographics would skew the election in their favour every single time. The Third world Jewish and Globalist led mass immigration since the 1965 immigration and nationality act has been so disastrous for whites, that the changing demographics have made the political system and electoral game so rigged in favour of the globalists and the black and browns that it took the most unlikely of candidates, a billionaire business man with no prior political experience (not that it remotely matters – it’s all about G), to throw his hat into the ring to give whites any chance of survival. Trump’s civic nationalist platform and his eventual election portend the converse: unlike the wishes of the Democrats and Globalists, whites will not cede power in America voluntarily, like they did in South Africa and Rhodesia. Not this time. White males know where the road of ceding voluntary power leads.

Fortunately for white Americans in South Africa they have a historical control group. South Africa has taught us that repudiating power leads the power to be a hated and despised minority. Little by little, territory is ceded until whites occupy but a small portion on the map relative to their wealth and importance to the infrastructure of the country; white schools are renamed as minority heroes; white statues are defaced or torn; white history is mocked; white historical figures are defaced; racial quotas are placed to limit white influence and the extent of white prosperity or affluence. Racial discrimination, attacks and slurs against whites becomes a state sponsored daily occurrence. Interracial violence predominates as whites are murdered disproportionally, and gruesomely as the South Africa and Rhodesian farm murders attest. White genocide becomes thinkable and inevitable. But as Trump’s rise and the republican voting demographics attest, minority status for whites in America is not an option. It is not an option. This only voting option was survival – and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. The message of the election was that whites are here to stay, and in the figure of Donald J. Trump whites have a de facto leader who will teach us the art of winning, while our enemies have already taught us the identity politics of war. Culturally, Trump’s refusal to bow down to the dictates of political correctness and cultural Marxism smashed the silencing tactics of the Anti-white Leftists.  Trump, teaching us how to win, smashed the cultural façade and self-elected disingenuous moral superiority of leftists.

Trumps win, for starters, portends that 30 million illegal immigrants will face the prospect of deportation freeing up some lebensraum, and the glorious wall of Trump will be built, symbolic of white America’s willingness to remain a nation. These are not mere bricks being laid to keep out criminals and rapists, they’re the building blocks of America’s new DNA. Walls, not bridges, are the trend of the future, and homogeneity not heterogeneity is where the future leads. I have no doubt that Trump will be radicalised in the process. Reality is a red-pill. A family man with a beautiful white family, it is hard not to see Trump realising the inevitable – that is if he hasn’t already. Billionaires are not born in a vacuum, and are keenly aware of their environment.

Was the Election victory inevitable?

Something had to give in the White psyche. There had to be a reaction, an enantiodromia. Whites could but not be radicalised by the overwhelming and blanket media, educational and governmental hostility towards Trump, and the establishment’s continued support for the ape-like behaviour of Black Lives Matters, ISIS and La Raza. The anti-white establishment had become so entrenched in America that the vote for Trump was a vote for Trump and for the eradication of the present establishment. Trump was right, a movement had started, the fire has been kindled. The point of no return had been reached. Like Caesar, Trump cast the die and marched (metaphorically) back into the city and in the process shredded the political landscape and the Republican party, with the Republican party now reconstituted along nationalist lines. We have come to our Rubicon moment in American history and from this moment henceforth there will not be any turning back. Paraphrasing Hamlet, our ideas are ours, their ends none our own. You may never read it in the history books but this was one of the most seminal moments in American history and Western civilization. It was the moment when whites realised ‘who they were’ as a voting block distinct from the blacking and browning of America. While Trump’s reforming policies are currently moderate, the 2016 American Election will have consequences and ripple effects predictable and unpredictable to predict – and I, for one, welcome it.

For decades, Whites have continually voted against their own interests and have allowed the liberal narratives of white guilt and white racism to be the mechanism justifying the maladaptive conceding of physical and mental territory to their globalist and brown enemies – ceding territory inch by inch by an unwillingness to confront their accusers and their own physical and moral dispossession: schools have been renamed, war heroes have been replaced by SJW or Black civil rights activists, to name but a few instances. This was the moment when Whites had to choose whether they had the will to survive or not. It was a day of reckoning where electing by their own hand and agency, Whites, as a group, decided whether they will survive or not on the continent their ancestors conquered, or whether they would allow their enemies to dictate their fate and to plan their ruin? The penny dropped and whites finally got it. With over 91% of the media coverage to Trump hostile, whites realised the previously inconceivable: the system hates you. It wants you gone. And it is working actively to achieve this. It would take a profoundly dull man (or a liberal), then, not to recognise the significance of this moment, where by the action of voting a group decides whether to sacrifice themselves on the alter to coloured minorities or to even begin to think about survival and self-determination. Whites, whether they knew it or not, were instinctively voting for their lives. Lives, not policy direction, was at stake. And having so much at stake, White males were always going to be recalcitrant. White males had finally realised that ‘He who lives by egalitarianism dies by egalitarianism.’ But he who follows the thread of Nationalism banishes the chains of equality and ethnic masochism – and in turn discovers an identity, a new thread banishing guilt and dispossession.

The election, then, took on biblical proportions and machinations. This was, paraphrasing Clausewitz, the embodiment of what politics is – another means to wage war. Trump’s election is only the beginning, and at the end of his term America will be irrevocably changed. The RNC has already been irrevocably changed. The DNC have been irrevocably changed (never again will they have a white election candidate). The media have been implicated as an extension of the DNC and were still unable to mould and manipulate the minds of republican voters as independent and alternative media steal most of their audience. The masks have fallen off. The media and political establishment have lost its legitimacy. The battle lines have been drawn. Make no mistake, when the racial and ideological constituency of the political parties are so radically different and divided, it is civil war – especially when the goals of either are at the territorial appropriation of the other. Nationalists are slightly coy over this fact while the Left and their Southern Hemisphere r-selected minions are not circumspect in their desire to exterminate and replace us. La Raza are demanding the takeover of California, and presumably the whole of the Southwest, and Black Lives Matter are demanding more ‘gibs-me-dat.’ The balkanization of America has already begun. If constant rows and fighting signal the end of a pair-bond, then the politicization of Hispanics and Blacks signal the end of America. Segregation and mass deportation are the only answer, unless, of course, whites want to cede territory – which they don’t. As such, there can be no reconciliation and the only solution is the selection of one group over the other. This is the final solution because there cannot be any other. The natural state is not one of peace, it is one of war. It is either self-determination or obliteration. Any moderate policy won’t work when our enemies are hell-bent on extremism. You can’t ask cancer to keep itself from spreading; you can’t keep cancer just in the toe. It will spread and it will riddle the body, as it has already riddled the body politic. Appeasement of the globalists by the nationalists will be akin to South Africa’s decision to appease Mandela’s crime of treachery which was punishable by death with the temporary sentence of jail. Half-measures have a way of destroying the coward who employed them. Mandela did not spare his enemies who showed him such graciousness and leniency of sentence, and neither will the globalists and their criminal and corporate cabal. Those minorities who we treat with such respect and graciousness, will have no qualms in spilling our blood and trampling over our rights. Already, as minorities, their narratives are reparations and moral impunity based on questionable historical narratives. When your enemy is literally Hitler, it is not hard to justify bloodletting in name of justificatory mechanisms and principles – no matter how questionable or disingenuous. All is permissible.

At the heart of this civil war is ideology, which is another way of saying biology – ideas are an expression of genes and biology is destiny. Ideologically, it was the moment ‘identity’ trounced ‘equality’ – when nationalism pushed back against the spectre of globalism and multiculturalism, even if only for a short time. It demonstrated that Whites would not voluntarily relinquish power to those who despise them – even if they had done so before. Some of the political pundits even recognized it. Van Jones, for instance, – the token Black pundit on CNN’s 2016 election coverage - accurately called it (we take complimentary what he means pejoratively), a ‘whitelash, ’where Whites revolted against the inevitability of their demographic demise and validated their own worth. The demise of whites had been exaggerated, not demographically (that is a real and horrific threat), but politically – whites were only in need of a strong leader to light the powder keg. Trump has taught us that our interests are more important than the interests of others. Leading by example against the ‘slings and arrows’ of ‘racist, sexist, homophobe, islamophobia and the rest of the verbal garbage of -isms, whites are no longer ready to besmirched by the Leftist establishment narrative as the root of all evil. Trump taught us that his views (which are our views) constituted the moral high ground and never apologised. Trump wasn’t against apologising, but he was against apologising to journalists looking for an excuse to push him around. More than winning, Trump taught us what it takes to win.

The Moral Position of White Nationalism and Mass Immigration

The Moral Position of White Nationalism and Mass Immigration