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Racism is Natural: A Primer of facts.

Racism is Natural: A Primer of facts.

* When advocates of Nationalism (as opposed to Globalism) assert that racism is a natural phenomenon – genetic, biological, freely emerging – they are not suggesting that an individual should be racist and hostile to aliens on a personal level (white nationalists aren’t anyways - on the contrary), they are suggesting that ‘likeness goes with liking,’ and that the desire for a homogenous homeland is a natural and genetic, biological, freely emerging desire. In this sense, then, preferring your own kin and extended kin is completely natural and should not be frowned upon. It merely stipulates that people prefer similar genes rather than dissimilar genes. To extrapolate further, it is not different from wanting to live with your family because you love your family. Dissimilar genes are a natural hazard – most murders take place between strangers living together. Non-biological kin are 100 times more likely to kill and abuse each other, known as the Cinderella effect.

* The competing worldview of Globalism asserts that ‘racism’ and ‘race’ is an oppressive social construction, an idea generated from the dominant culture seeking to divide and oppress minorities. ‘Racism,’ the social constructionists argue, is a socially learned idea. This normally goes hand in hand with the idea that we live in a white supremacist society. While being ludicrous, this idea, of course, is an idea perpetuated from the viewpoint of Globalism, that we are all autonomous, universalist, interchangeable units with no culture and no identity. Their favourite assertion is equality: we are all equal in capacities and capabilities – there are no differences, racial or gender. That this view is erroneous is highlighted by the freely emerging desire of people wanting to freely associate with their own, and not dissimilar others.

* Rather than the right-left divide, the new paradigm is between Nationalists (rightists) vs. Globalists (leftists).  Ideas and ideologies  come from biology more so than being socially learned. Biology creates culture. Dislike of aliens can stem from intrinsic biological disgust rather than merely social learning (culture). IQ, political temperament and your personality profile are all significantly heritable.

*While critiquing the naturalness of racism there are two fallacies to be aware of:
Naturalistic fallacy = because something ‘’is’’ doesn’t mean it ‘’ought to be’’
Moralistic fallacy = because something ‘’ought’’ to be, doesn’t mean it ‘’is’’

*Essentially, it is not practical to develop civilization on misguided ideals. It causes more harm in its wake and is bound to fail miserably. Civilizations based on a firm and rock-solid foundation are more substantially more likely to be prosper and thrive. This is true in all contexts: love, friendship, business enterprises, etcetera.

* The only societies ever to prosper are homogenous societies. Racially multicultural societies have never historically prospered. Diversity is a source of weakness, not a source of strength. Only America as a melting pot of Caucasians has thrived, and that wasn’t easy or seamless, and there are arguments whether the thriving is geographical than assimilative (i.e. America is just the biggest Caucasian country and owes its wealth to its geography, rather than because American Caucasians were better than non-migrant Caucasians).  

* When races are not forced to integrate, races freely associate with each other and not with other races. An ethnic segregation takes place, which would be better described as a self-segregation. Groups self-segregate themselves at church, leisure and school recess. It is integration, not self-segregation, which is learnt; socially learned as a result of mass government propaganda and government incentivized programs. To flock together with your same genetic cluster is human nature and desirable. The brain is geared to being seek mutual beneficial environments with similar others. Think friendship, family and marriage.

(Think of code segregation in terms of barriers: walls, homes (house family code), fences).  That is, free choice increases segregation. By segregating, they are also segregating friendship and mate choices.

* We also segregate by race and poverty – SES; but we also self-select, we only ask out people on the same attractiveness level, or take classes commensurate with our abilities and interests. Brighter students by their own volition choose, when voluntary, higher classes. Dull children by volition choose slower and remedial classes, commensurate with their ability.

* The human tendency is towards discrimination, balkanization, segregation. This should be encouraged: i.e. instead of desegregating schools, a school district should be separated into three exclusive districts: white, Hispanic and black. Ethnostates are the future, not federal states. Life desires balkanization and fragmentation.

Tip: Think of genetic code as seeking similarity in IQ, social views and phenotypic and behavioural clues

* That code replicates itself is also found in culture: second generation Indians despite never being to India and live in the U.K, revive ancient traditions and enjoy the same music as their forefathers. Genes select culture, and by replicating their own genes through reproduction or culturgen’s, replicate their genes. I.e. Second generation Indian music is a direct reflection of the phenotype of an Indian living in the U.K. Culture theory cannot explain why second or third generation Indians living in Leicester, for instance, gravitate towards traditional Indian music whilst immersed in popular culture.  

* Robert Putnam diversity hurts civic life --- all civic categories from social to political engagement. Higher diversity equals lower social capital. In multicultural societies: we withdraw from close friends; distrust neighbours; less charity, less volunteering projects (we hunker down like a turtle). Being in a sea of dissimilar genes has a biologically alienating effect. We even distrust members of our own group more. Trust neighbours 50% less. Multicultural societies are unnatural and the body and civic life act in an extreme mode of distress.

* Children naturally sort by race – in picture tests, children understand the mutability of build and age, but understand that race is not mutable. Children place more value on race than gender. That is, children understand that weight can fluctuate and that occupation can change, but they also know that race cannot change and is a core tenet of identity.

Race understood as the core of identity. Understood as a greater, more significant category than gender. Children can place skinny white children with fat white parents. Children do not see race as ‘skin deep,’ but see race as ‘an intrinsic, immutable, and essential aspect of a person’s identity.’ This isn’t learned but innate. It is not based on observation, but an intrinsic part of the cognitive categorization aspect of the psyche. This cognitive categorization is not socially learned, but it part of the psyche at birth – it is innate.

* We are Less inclined to give charity to other races – we prefer to give charity to our race.

* Humans only have a limited amount of nepotism to give – this nepotism is given through race and ethnic lines.

* Most foreign aid comes from the most homogeneous countries.

* Ethnic diversity hinders economic growth in all but exceptionally wealthy societies

* Man’s nature is tribal. To believe race is not human nature is an absurdly dangerous idea.

* 85% of civil wars and conflicts from 1945 - 2004 have at root race and ethnicity (religion can also be a proxy for this, and is mostly a proxy for race).

* Homogenous and higher IQ societies are the most peaceful (same goes for families and relationships). Similarity equals harmony. Dissimilarity equals conflict.

* Groups also separate along lines of ethnicity: i.e. In prison, Northern Mexicans and Southern Mexicans segregate if mass of Mexicans incarcerated, illustrating just how persuasive genetic similarity is.

* Diversity threatens the social and civic fabric of society.

* The more culturally diverse the city is, the more violent and more segregated the city is! This is precisely the opposite to cultural, environmental theory. The more culturally diverse, multiculturalists argue, the more the city will integrate and assimilate into one uniform mass.

* Media shows superficiality about racial crime – different races are not being targeted because of ‘’wrong colour skin’ but ‘’wrong group identity,’’ ‘’wrong group coding,’’ while, yes, phenotypically this manifests itself as skin colour – but to determine motivation as skin colour is irrational and superficial. It is dissimilar genes seeking to eradicate each other, not a superficial desire.

* Attraction is based on the amount of ‘’shared genes’’ – it doesn’t matter how different some genes are as long as there is similarity. Mixed raced marriages have more in personality similarity than intra-racial marriages – proving the rule of genetic similarity.

* Women have a strong preference for their own race, while race doesn’t necessarily matter to Men (gender sexual difference). Women choose, men display. Eggs are dear, sperm is cheap.

* In general, Interracial and monoracial relationships are not equivalent

* There is a decline in cross-racial friends as children age. By adulthood, it is unlikely a white person will have any inter-racial friends.

* White children have more white friends than chance would allow for.

* Among racial groups, whites are significantly less likely than other racial groups to maintain or have cross-racial friends.

* If you watch videos on best friends talking about their friendship they will normally say ‘ I saw X and I thought she was really cool – sometimes they say ‘I knew we would be best friends’ – or I really wanted to get to know that person. It is true, genes, by phenotypic reactions, can judge another’s genotype.

* People assortatively mate or become friends on heritable traits. Assortative mating has significantly increased IQ and the amount of IQ’s over 140. Calculations find that assortative mating has increased IQ over 6 times the IQ increase if mating was random or left to chance.  Sex, ultimately, is how evolution takes place.

* Blue eyed-men find blue-eyed women more attractive (equally I assume black-haired men fin black-haired women more attractive and vice-versa). I have never dated a blonde and a blonde has never been truly interested in me.

* 8% of marriages are race-mixed in US. 2% are race mixed marriages in the UK. Mixed race marriages decrease when immigrant race increases. In contrast, 12% of British population have practiced homosexuality. 2% of homosexual marriages in the UK. Intra-racial marriage, then, is less normal than heterosexuality, and slightly less normal than homosexuality.

* Inter-relational relationships are reported to be less happy. Spousal homicide is reported to be 7.7 times the rate of intra-racial marriages.  In marriage, a Black is more likely to kill a White than a Black is likely to kill another Black. Interracial marriages more likely to end in divorce than intra-racial marriages:  41% chance of disruption compared to 31% chance of intra-racial disruption.

* Step relationships are not equivalent to biological relationships: step-parents more likely to kill step-children than biological parents. Step mothers 100-1 more likely to abuse step-children. Bi-racial children are not equivalent to mono-racial children – they are reported to be less happy and more suicidal. A bi-racial family is not equivalent to a mono-racial family (I’m not sure this includes hybrid vigor marriages – white and Asian).

* Genetic similarity in relationships are incredibly important. Shared genes between spouses makes the children more similar to each parent, increasing fecundity, altruism, similarity and familial relations.  

* Shared genes lead to shared friends. Genomically, we share 1% of actual genes with our friends – similar to being fourth cousins. This was a significantly higher number than expected. In genetics, 1% is a huge number.

* You want your children to look like you, the more shared genes you have with your spouse, the more shared genes your children will have with you. More than the 50% you contribute by nature of shared genes.

* Bi-racial children are five times more likely to commit suicide than normal monoracial children.

* Step-parents are 100 times more likely to batter a child fatally than biological parents. Known as the Cinderella effect.

* Adoptees are more likely to commit suicide than the normal population, but foreign adoptees are significantly the most likely to commit suicide – four more times likely. Females more likely to be racist to other females.

* Adopters want to adopt a baby of their own race – and will pay more and wait longer for the adoptee. Foreign adoptees are more likely to be mistreated, commit suicide etcetera.

* We can only infer the behaviour of genes by the phenotypic behaviour of individuals. Organisms are survival mechanisms for genes

* The degree of cooperation between organisms can be expected to be a direct function of the proportion of the genes they share; conversely, the degree of conflict between them is an inverse function of the proportion of shared genes.

* Genes live not for survival but reproduction – self-replication. (think not of individuals but of genes)

* Natural selection will never select a trait that will diminish individual fitness. Altruism, prosocial care and parental care, then, must be of large benefit to the individual. This paradox was answered with substituting the individual with genes.

* There is no such essence as racial purity – this only exists as a question between – homogenous or heterogeneous, in that sense it exists. That’s why it’s about similarity of gene frequencies rather than genes. I.e. you have 0.5 of each parent’s genes – meaning your father’s genetic purity has been lessened and an assemblage has taken its place. Clearly purity is a relative concept. Relative, but not false or a construct.

* Remember, for instance, that in a non-liberal homogenous society, life is not so much dog eats dog, but about the perpetuation of the group for resources and cooperation. Genes survived long periods as part of the tribe. It exists in accordance, then, with same gene frequencies and the same gene pool. Groups had to be discriminate to survive. Therefore, genes had to be discriminate. Rules, order and unity thrived, dissimilarities which disrupted the harmony of the group were bred out and deselected. It proved an evolutionary edge. Strangers were not tolerated. Xenophobia was a gift.

* Religion is the proximate justification for ethnic dominance – tribalism.

* Spouses and friends pick each other on the more heritable physical traits and attitudes.

* Compared to an African, for example, a White person is genetically related to another white person by similarity of a sibling.

* Direct relations are important because of genetic material but not infinitely important. For instance, a mulatto may be a direct cousin, but considering you’re more genetically related to all white people in comparison, the mulatto’s biological relationship is meaningless. Thus, you are more inclined to favour your more distant cousins (Does this only work w/ cousins?).

* The greater the genetic compatibility between two organisms the greater the altruism tends to be.  The less similar two genetically related individuals the more likely hostility will occur.

* selfishness is altruism altruism is selfishness. Organisms are vessels of self-replication, seeking to self-replicate their genes.

* groups give a survival edge and protects against external threats.

* humans wage war to protect and attain vital territories and resources to enhance their ability to survive and reproduce. Cooperative groups had an evolutionary edge

* Natural selection works at the individual level and at the level of the group. Groups ready to subordinate their own interests in service of the group thrived. By doing so, they enhanced their genetic interest.

four principles:
1) reproduce
2) to get rid of dissatisfaction and discomfort
3) to preserve genes and reinforce them
4) find a stable model for the continuation of two and three

* culture serves as to solidify and promote in-group genetic bond, and to distance themselves from the out-group even further.

*Culture is to genetic groups as to what safety gear is to a body and what the body is to the genes.

* groups are defined by culturally in-group markings.

* If the genes are well made, the genes will replicate; if the genes are defective or if the vessel that contains them is defective, the genes will die.

* Communism was a mis-reading of human nature, by thinking selfishness could be made to go away, but the free-market thrives because it utilises and enhances intrinsic selfishness. Likewise, race cannot be eradicated.

* Political borders are Darwinian functions; houses are gene-pool functions. Body houses genes.

* Technology is to increase inclusive and reproductive fitness

* We are more able to tell the difference and remember specifics of white faces than non-white faces. Same race faces elicit more activity linked to the brain regions of face recognition.

* strong bi-directional selection between blacks and apes. Underneath are conscious awareness we associate Blacks with being Apes.

* Oxytocin creates strong interpersonal bonds and healthy relationships; w/o Oxytocin the mother cannot breast feed her child or form loving bond to him; Oxytocin motivates people to unite and trust – but only w/ people they are close to (those of the same ethnicity, nationality etc, not w/ strange and different people). Oxytocin promotes ethnocentrism, joy when sports team wins and bias against strangers, xenophobia, immigrants.

* The same chemical that helps create a loving bond between mother/child, also supports loyalty and joy of one’s race.

* Bodies reject stem cells from other race donors; racism is a neuro-biological process protecting the genetic material of the organism.

* Humans guided by emotions and are motivated by implicit biases underneath conscious awareness.

* different brain areas respond differently to whether we belong to a group or not. Ventral mPFC = belong; Dorsal mPFC = don’t belong. Neurally our brain already knows.

* Racial stereotyping is the norm. Located in chromosome 7. Categorising of races is pre-rational and accurate inherited skill of racial recognition.

* Human racial differences exceed those of any other non-domesticated species. One has to look for dogs to see anything comparable. But the racial differences are larger: dogs do not have 30 IQ points higher than one another or differing crime rates, despite the apparent differences because of morphology.

* How fair are we when we judge a person? Unconscious racial bias influences behaviour

* Race is so inherited, unmalleable and ingrained it cannot be conditioned out.

* Mirror-neuron system less responsive to people we don’t like. (is that why we copy the behaviour of people we fancy?); it is why we are more empathetic to others.

*Greater amygdala activity towards black faces than white faces; towards dark skinned faces than light-skinned faces.

* Liberals show greater gap between explicit and implicit behaviour than conservatives.

* race predicts SES (light skin predicts prestige): black bottom, white top.

* the more diverse the school, the less likely you’re going to have a friend from another race.  With exposure, we simply don’t care or want to know non-biological or racial kin.


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