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Is White Genocide a Myth?

Is White Genocide a Myth?

Is White Genocide a White Supremacist Myth?

According to mainstream opinion, White Genocide is a conspiracy theory perpetuated by white supremacists.

Quite simply, White Genocide is the idea that the white race in majority white countries are being turned into a racial minority within these countries, and this has the consequence of killing the white race in whole or in part.

Two caveats will be explored before we analyse this claim. Firstly, the claim that the White Genocide is perpetuated by white supremacists should not count as justification to discount it. It is perfectly reasonable to expect those that those concerned with the livelihood of the white race will be concerned with suspected White Genocide (whether it is happening or not is a factual matter); in a similar vein, we should expect those concerned with the interactions of genes – a geneticists – to identify a concept that focuses on genes. White Genocide as a concept, then, is not delegitimised if it recognised primarily by white nationalists.

Secondly, the notion of White Genocide is discredited as it requires a worldwide conspiracy theory to be true. This is not the case. The argument that White Genocide is happening need not to depend on a conspiracy theory. The argument still runs just as effectively without the notion that White Genocide is deliberately being caused by Machiavellian political policies designed to kill off whites.

White Genocide can simply be caused by a bi-product of political policies, regulation and ideologies. So, the concept of White Genocide has two claims:

(1)White Countries are being turned into a racial minority within their own country

(2) Once stage (1) has been reached, the white race is being killed in whole or in part.

According to Greg Johnson in his monograph Truth, Justice and a Nice White Country, in the essay “White Extinction” he discussed the following causes of White Genocide:

(1) Loss of Habitat

White countries are receiving a flow of non-white immigrants. Recently exacerbated within Europe by the migrant crisis.

(2) Invasive Species

White countries are facing demographic competition from non-white immigrants from within and from without. From within, non-white immigrants are more fertile than the native white populations. From without, there is an ever-increasing influx of immigrants pouring into the country. Both fronts cause whites to lose territory and accelerates their eventual minority status.

(3) Hybridization

Miscegenation (race-mixing)

(4) Excessive Predation

Non-whites cause additional “murder of white children and fertile adults and causing other whites to restrict their fertility because of unsafe reproductive environments.” (Greg Johnson, Truth, Justice and a Nice White Country)

Quite clearly (a) to (d) are currently occurring to whites and this can be independently verified.

In the US, Whites will be a minority compared to non-whites by atleast 2044.; Whites will be a minority compared to non-whites by 2060 (or sooner) in the UK. As current trends continue, this process is irreversible and is only the outlook in the next 30-40 years. It is shuddering to ask what will happen if current trends continue for the next 60 – 100 years?

Some argue that this is not proof that the whites are becoming a minority in their own country because they are still the largest race within that demographic. This objection clearly misses the point. All white homelands are facing massive demographic change, as non-whites become the population majority in their adopted homes while still having their own ethnical homogenous homelands. This demographic reversal is only happening to while countries.

As the recent UK census demonstrated, from 2001 until 2011 the White British population had decreased by 468,000, from 42.747 (million) to 42.279 (million). This, in part, helped contribute to the decreased demographic change of White British population from 87% to 79.8%

It may not sound a lot, but according to recent studies White Britain’s will only make up a third of the population in 2060 when the population is predicted to increase to 77 million. Now, at that current juncture, the precise amounts of British White will be unknown. However, we can make a rough calculation on these predictive models:

 - The UK population is predicated to increase to 77 million by 2060

 - According to current trends, whites will be a minority by 2060 compared to the immigrant population.

So, by 2060, in England, the White British population will be at least 49.99% (rounded to 50% for the calculation) of the 77 million population. 50% of 77 million = 38.5 million.

This means within 50 years, the White British population will decrease from 42.2 million to 38.5 million (a decrease of 3.7 million), and this population decrease of the White British population will be an increasing downward trend. (Note these predictions of whites becoming a minority were made when net immigration was at levels of 188,000. Recently net immigration has reached a high of 333,000)

More startlingly, according to recent research, the white fertility rate within the UK is reasonably high (although still under replacement rate of 2.1 children per women) compared to other central and southern European countries, such as, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and so on.

The clear conclusion we can take from this is that within the next 50 years, the white population from Europe will be considerably less than the current levels of European whites, so clearly the white race is being killed in part (intentionally or as a bi-product of policies).

As Professor David Coleman, Professor of Demography at Oxford University recently noted the following points in 2011 in Standpoint Magazine.  “The choices for Britain are stark and clear: either the nonwhite invasion will be halted and reversed, or the U.K. will cease to be a majority white, First World nation, well within the next 50 years.”

Professor Coleman was only talking about England, but as referenced in this article, he could have also been talking about the USA. Moreover, should we not cease to stop or halt immigration, then Germany and France will quickly and swiftly become a non-majority white country.

White populations are significantly decreasing and white homelands are disappearing. In a long enough timeline, Europe will cease to be a majority white continent. Anyone without an ideological bias can clearly see that White Genocide is real.













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