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Spencer J. Quinn Interview

Spencer J. Quinn Interview

Note: Interview posted below introduction and links

Spencer J. Quinn is my favourite writer at Counter Currents. And other than Gregory Hood, Quinn is perhaps my favourite non-official writer of the Alt-Right. Whilst the standard of writing and intellect on Counter Currents will blow away any college publication or college course you could attend, Spencer J. Quinn distinguishes himself by his particular sense of psychological acuity. Basically, his insight and perception will make you see the world with new eyes. And frankly, that is a mark of any distinguished writer.

Without further ado then, after reading this interview, make sure you check out Spencer J. Quinn’s articles at Counter Currents. I will link some of my favourite articles by Spencer J. Quinn below. And I implore everyone to read Quinn’s article on Anders Breivik. It really will cause you to see deeply into the deeply flawed psyche of Leftists who think that any emotion justifies itself as legitimate for being felt, regardless of its lack of ethical validity or its tenuous link to reality. As if a murderer is legitimized to murder because they felt murderous because they are genetically inclined to be a murderer, even though their demented psyche interprets anything and everything as an insult or justification to murder.

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This interview was conducted between June and July 2017

Rocketmensch: Can you tell our readers your journey to White Nationalism?

Spencer J. Quinn: I think my transition to white nationalism began over twenty years ago when I red-pilled myself on the race issue. I describe this in the preface to my upcoming book Reframing White Nationalism which Counter-Currents will publish later this year. Essentially, I took a long, good look at a black custodian at my place of work as he told us a story. He was typical of many poorly-educated blacks I had encountered since college. He couldn't speak well and he wasn't too sharp. But he was animated and fun to listen to. Up until that point, I had just assumed that there were cultural and historical factors at work which made him that way, factors which always boiled down to white-on-black racism, the one and only bugbear of the Left. But then it hit me...no man-made factors can force a person to be childish or stupid, which is what he was. What happened to his great-great grandparents in the nineteenth century could not possibly force him to always replace the last two letters in the word 'with' with a 'f.' All at once, the casual racism of my older relatives came back to me. My whole life, certain older relatives of mine had always pushed a race-realist vision of the world onto me. Nice liberal boy that I was, however, I never listened. It wasn't until I had spent time in the real world when I realized that they had been right all along. What helped me reach such a sacrilegious conclusion was that I had nothing invested in mainstream society. I had no career, no prospects, no girlfriend, and barely even a social life. For someone who was working shit jobs and failing spectacularly at pursuing his dreams as a novelist, I had nothing to lose. It did not take long for me to wholly adopt a race-realist perspective. I thought I had been lonely before! Now, there was literally no one outside of a couple family members to whom I could reveal my true self. Yes, over time, I was able to find other race-realist friends, but they were few and hard to come by. But being a race-realist is a far cry from white nationalism. Like most Americans, I had just assumed that racial diversity was a part of life and here to stay. I didn't really start to question that until after 9-11. Then, ten years later, after I had given up ever publishing a novel with a mainstream publisher, I thought to myself, “Who is my audience?” Because if I didn't have an audience for the race-realist, anti-immigration stuff I really wanted to write about, I might as well just quit. My answer was, the American Renaissance crowd. That was the only Alt Right site I knew about at the time, and so I was going to write a novel for them. The novel is called White Like You, and is about (among other things) a man's journey to his racial identity and the price he has to pay for it. White Like You will also be published by Counter-Currents later this year. It was the extensive research I had to perform to prepare for this novel, as well as the grueling act of writing it, which heightened my own sense of racial identity and made me realize that white nationalism is, more than anything else, my home.

Rocketmensch: Are there any particular books or articles that red-pilled you?

Spencer J. Quinn: I have been red-pilled only by one book, and that is The Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald. By this I mean, my mindset underwent a sea change after reading it. No other book has ever done that for me, at least not intentionally. There have been some inferior works which promoted a left-wing perspective which red-pilled me through their shrill and faulty arguments. Even in my pre-red-pilled state years ago, I was able to dissect them. For example, almost immediately after I graduated college I read a book called Savage Inequalities by Jonathan Kozol. If I remember correctly, the book complained endlessly about the damage white people had done to blacks when they left them behind in the inner cities during the 1950s and 1960s as part of "white flight." Kozol didn't seem to concern himself too much with the idea that blacks really deserve to be left alone, given how they act. Further, he never really entertained the idea that they have no one to blame but themselves for their failures. In any event, I knew that he didn't have the truth of it, and that did sort of reverse-red-pill me, if you want to call it that. Studs Terkel was another writer who inadvertently pushed me to the Right. But my real red-pilling, as I described before, was purely visceral. Literature had nothing to do with it. One reason for this, I believe, is because the vast majority of the classic literature we read is what I call "pre-racial." Such books were written in the time of Pax Caucasica during which people had little contact with non-whites at all, or if they did, these non-whites were not in a position to really challenge white supremacy in their own lands. Non-whites may be encroaching on white lands in these stories, as in The Song of Roland or sort of lurk threateningly in the background like in (I believe) Don Quixote. But for the most part, great Western literature was about white people until about the 1960s. There are some exceptions, of course. Kipling, Cooper, and Twain come to mind. Thomas Nelson Page is another favorite of mine who deals honestly with race from an experienced perspective. Jews were often caricatured quite grossly, either negatively (Merchant of Venice, Oliver Twist) or positively (Our Mutual Friend), so little use in red-pilling there. Of course, I have only read a tiny portion of the canon, so I am sure there are works I am forgetting or am ignorant of (recommendations, please!). I can say, however, that Disgrace by JM Coetzee and Submission by Michel Houellebecq are two recent novels which get the race thing about right. For me, literature did more to strengthen red-pilling which had already taken place. And once you're red-pilled, it does change the way you view everything, not just literature.

Rocketmensch: W
hy do you think Europe has become so pathologically altruistic and self-destructive?

Spencer J. Quinn: Jonathan Bowden discusses this very issue in Western Civilization Bites Back. Essentially, it stems from guilt and shame over the Holocaust and making a mess of things during the two World Wars. I think he's spot on, and can add that a self-loathing derived from postmodernism and Marxism probably also added to Europe's self-destruction. Bowden (I believe) made the point as well that the former Soviet bloc nations had been spared from this corrosive influence, or they had seen its failures up close. So when they re-entered the free world in the 1990s, they had built up resistance against it. This is why Poland, Hungary, and other places are resisting the globalism of the EU and are keeping out invaders from the Third World. Delving a little deeper, I would add two other reasons. One is the altruism promoted by influential readings of Christianity. Whether this itself has a genetic root is anyone's guess. In either case, White Europeans are the most generous people in the world, so it would run against their nature to simply evict all Muslims from Europe the way the Muslims pretty much did to the Jews from Algeria to Iran after 1948. Of course, things get confused because so many Europeans these days are Christians without Christ. They have the same zeal they've always had for Christianity, but now apply it more within a globalist framework. For example, I read while back about how a Swedish politician did not want to deport a (I believe) Somali rapist because he held Somali women to the same esteem as Swedish women. In other words, he wanted to keep the rapist in Sweden to protect Somali women from him. The other reason is less nefarious. When societies become racially heterogenous, you are bound to have many pockets where good, well-meaning whites interact with orderly non-whites. And so, these whites become accustomed to the new normal of multiculturalism, and even celebrate it. Such people refuse to the look at the bigger picture and will cite personal reasons for not doing so. Very often they will object to race-realist arguments with personal stories of their lovely Arab daughter in-law or charming black grocer. Perhaps, since they know such people, they feel some loyalty to them, and will thus condemn any form of white nationalism or race-realism. And if someone were to cite statistics about all the undeniably negative things non-whites bring to our society, they would be sorely tempted to blame whites for this than the other way around.

Rocketmensch: If we survive as a race, do you see the divesture of Leftism? That is, for a tribal animal, Leftism is maladaptive. And we might be undergoing a process (almost like an autophagy) whereby maladaptive genes rid themselves by Liberalism and miscegenation. And by doing so deselect themselves and those genes that survive naturally select for closer in-group loyalty and preference. Similar to the genetic process the Jews underwent.

Spencer J. Quinn: Hard to say, of course. Predicting the future is tricky business. It is possible, we will emerge stronger from this, as our suicidally altruistic brethren may just not make it through the upcoming Darwinian bottleneck. After the trauma of fighting for and regaining lands we should never have lost to begin with, I'm quite sure we would have to revert to some form of patriarchal fascism. We will need to if we wish to defeat the patriarchal fascists who want to supplant us in Europe. This, I believe, was the crux of the "white sharia" controversy which until recently was raging on the Alt Right. On one hand, having some of our best and most dedicated culture warriors being tut-tutted into line by Alt Right female YouTubers doesn't seem right to me. The reason why those guys are so effective at combating Antifa and standing up for our race is because they are fearless and aggressive and always up for a fight. Without guys like that, the Alt Right would be much weaker than it is today. So, I think a certain laissez-faire, boys-will-be-boys approach towards them is appropriate. On the other hand, lashing back at their female critics and calling them "cunts" and the like is also wrong. So I'm not really sure where I come down on this, except to say that in order to survive past the next century—in Western Europe at least—whites will need to scrap feminism along with Marxism and postmodernism. How exactly that plays out, I really don't know.

How To See The World Better

How To See The World Better

Thank you, Liberal Modernity, for rendering the UK and the West a shithole.

Thank you, Liberal Modernity, for rendering the UK and the West a shithole.